Welcome Rookie is a decision-based game in the form of an interactive comic book, that facilitates experiential learning for medical students by embedding the theories of medical ethics into engaging and playable stories. The game aims to help student doctors develop clinical reasoning skills and connect theory to clinical practice in an engagement and immersive fashion.

Take the role of Dr Katie Peers, a junior doctor who is just starting a specialist career in the Regal hospital. Your objective is to safely complete your night on call, prioritizing, diagnosing and treating the patients you are referred. Help is not always available, and you will have to make decisions armed with your wit and expertise. The tailored story progresses based on the decisions, actions and choices you make. Remember that your choices can drastically alter the story, resulting in success, failure, or even death. Survive this nerve-racking experience by making the right decisions, or facing the consequences!

Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsCheesy Holes, Ahmed Khalifa (Amidos2006)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Educational
TagsComics, comicstrips, decisions, medical, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes

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