Chapter 1 Announcement: Hard On Justice

First of all, thank you for following our project and being interested in it. It is pretty exciting project that connect the lines between comics and visual novels/interactive stories. Imagine your favorite comic book with the ability to explore different options in its universe with effects and music to put you in the mood.

We have a full running game engine for that, which we are still optimizing for the final big comic. We tested the engine with a simple comic designed by my sister called Silly Stories. The story is a few panels with one branching no more. Feel free to try it here on ( or on newgrounds (

Our games usually focus about making fun of pop culture at the time and in movies. Tons of celebrities appears in our games. You can check our Deck on Justice ( This game will have the same tone like the others as the story is making fun of 80s and 90s action movies with new characters and fun twists from modern movies.

We are working hard to finish Chapter 1 of Deep Stories named Hard on Justice. We have some slow down on our work because of COVID-19 at the beginning but now we are kinda back on track. We also are testing how well to show the two different options in each panel in an intuitive way.

Here are some panels from the comic to make you get more excited:

I hope these picture bumped you up for more. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

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