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The Law Blow trilogy is a hard-boiled, interactive comic book with hand drawn stories that are usually over-the-top and always adrenaline filled. Your choices determine how the story unfolds and there are hundreds of tough decisions to make. Who lives? Who dies? Who to save? Who to sacrifice? Be a good cop? Or go full commando? Your choice.

This game will contains three stories that are called the hard trilogy:

Chapter 1: Hard on Justice

is a not-so-typical 70s buddy cop action thriller, where players control a hyper-masculine action hero in a crazy ride against a badass lethal force.

Chapter 2: Hard Lands

is a not-so-typical 80s post-apocalyptic action horror, where you play as a rebellious 16-year-old virago survivor in a self-destructing wasteland.

Chapter 3: Hard Weapons

is a not-so-typical 90s sci-fi action adventure, where you play as a modified cyber human in an unexpected and harrowing series of events.

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